Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clean Living..."Keepin' the Faith"

This ones for the, anonymous. 
Oh goodness how I miss my rat-tail. Anyway, this is me comin' out of the water after some baptism bidnesss. Drowned some foo's for the lord, aswell as myself. 

 Who are you? Who am I? We can only tell so much about a person by that question. If someone were to come up to me and ask me..."Hey, Who are you?". Some of the things I'd say would be, "I'm a, health care worker", "I'm Donnel" 

Then that man would look at me, knods his head..

The misconceptions about my faith, I'll never be able to escape. Aslong as I'm here, I need us to understand this. I could get a million piercings all over my body, grow a rat-tail down to my ass, say "ass", but that only takes you as deep as my armpit when it comes to who I am. Who we are. 
During the 2010 Olympics, for 17 days, everyone in the city forgot about what racial background they are, what age they were etc. All that out the window because we were "Proud to be Canadian". Walking down the street, high fiving whomever was rockin' olympic gear, crosby jersey or just wearing red. Everyone identified eachother as Canadian, no matter what skin tone you are. When we get to heaven, that's what it's going to be like...
God isn't going to split us up and say "Okay Catholics over here, Protestants over here, Lutherans over there.." ...Nope. Those denominations only take us as deep as our armpits. 

The man asks me, "so then What are you? What do you believe?" 
"I believe in God, Jesus Christ" I answered. 

When it comes to God, it's not about the differences in how we worship him, it's not about what's right and who's wrong. It's solely about our personal relationship with Him. It's easy to say we believe in Him, but what matters is do we believe, in Him. All those titles, your name, your job, your belief will all fade away. All that's left is what's in your heart. Is He in there? 

The man looks at me and knods his head, shakes my hand and walks away. 
I hope that answers your questions, there is no difference between me and you...- God is Love

Friday, March 26, 2010

Clean Living..."Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today"

I've been travel music-less for months now cause my lazy ass hasn't gone to the electronics store to grab a new pair of headphones. Although, I don't really mind. Instead I tune into the random conversations people have on public transit. Most stuff I'm not tryna hear but some stuff just curve curiosity. 

"Being normal is over-rated" 
"My art teacher says I'm a freakshow. Cause I drew her head on a four-legged octopus. She loves that ?hit though" 
"Like what the ?uck is normal y'know? Normals like..." 

The topic of Normality is something I've grown tired to explain. Just like Hip-hop. Normal isn't a category in our Subject of being. Normal is what you are. If you're being yourself, then you are being normal. Normal is eating with your hands, taking a shower 4 times a day, going to see the Jonas Brothers with your guy friends, wearing bunny ears and a naruto costume all in the same time.
If for your whole life you ate cheerios for breakfast everyday and one day decided to eat captain crunch. That is still being normal. We think that normalness coincides to regularity or consistency but it's relaly not the case. Normal is the way you feel, whether it be different from the past 10 years of your life. 

"Like what the ?uck is normal y'know? Normals like..." 

Normals like, like, like being, you. - God is Love

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clean Living..."Brush Your Teeth, Say Cheese"

This is my friend Julia. We've known each other for about...6 or 7 years now. How we met? I used to creep her Nexopia and I never knew Nexopia "plus" members could see who views thier page. Turns out she knew I looked at her page quiet often. So she decided to comment on my page once "Hey, you're a cutie". From there I met her mom, she made me my first birthday card ever and a hot chocolate later we were best of friends. HA. History lesson over, what's best about her is, her smile. 

"Eff my liiiffee", is that how they say it these days? It seems like everyones lives are made up of these "FML" moments and honestly it's made humans a lot more dramatic. The first time my mom heard that phrase she asked me if I was "Okay" because she heard a group of youngsters like myself talking about their work and school like it was going to be the death of them. I wonder if adults use that phrase too? Anyway..
It's not easier said than done. It's actually just as easy as it is done. It's wierd how sometimes it takes effort for us to smile. Or be happy. Smiles should be just as contagious as laughter. The more we focus on the things that "eff" our lives, the more eff'd our lives will be. 

A question I've asked a million times....Who wants to be sad all the time? 

Most definately not me, you, her or that guy sitting across from me talking about Comic-con. We all have a "Neverland". Y'know that place we want to be in our lives where we think we'll achieve ultimate hapiness. Just like in Peter Pan, the only way to get there is to fly, the only way to have this "make believe" place real is if we think, happy thoughts. And smile, chgeez! This is sort of my corny way of saying...

Love what you do. Be happy in it. The first step is to be thankful for whatever it is. So dance on the street when everyones looking, shell out a couple cents to that guy who plays violin downtown with that big cute dog and smile at the world. A smile, is a curve that sets everything straight. - God is Love

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clean Living..."My Jackets name is Paul, My Lighters name is Ruby"

Life is big. We know all that. We'll never understand it. We should, all know that. Everyones a critic. Everyones a label whore. A friend asked me "What if, we went around naming everything? like, naming your jacket "Paul" or something". I sort of laughed but later on realized the ideation of their thought. Humans being humans, label things. To better understand what we're trying to figure out. It's human nature. We refer to things in "that's like" terms. Not "it is". Most of the time we don't recognize things as individuals, something of it's own. It's always "like" something else. I could make a sculpture, painting, write a song etc. but however amazing it may be, my art is always going to be dumbed down to be below or "like" something else.
Back to the whole naming your jacket "Paul" thing. We don't always have to comparisons even if there are similarities. For once I'd like people to be recognized for who they are and not who they're like. People are different, even if they do the same things. My jacket, named Paul. It's an American Apparel Jacket. How many people do you think have it? If I saw some other person wearing that jacket, instead of thinking thier jacket is like mine. I'm going to say..."Hey, my jackets name is Paul, what's yours?" - God is Love  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clean Living..."Curiosity Doesn't Kill Cats"

Creators of my bio. Dad takin' a flick of my Mother.

I hope I never get a biography written about me. When people lose all curiousity in life, they write a biography. They put all thier memories in a couple hundred page book and I really don't know, why? It sort of symbolizes the end of your life. After that book is published, and you do something cool, you're not going to go and write a couple extra lines in it. haha. In pen and all. ha. After that book, you're retired my friends. Retired from life. 
Memories are great. Let's make lots of them. They'll be with us forever and with the people we shared them with. Putting all your memories in a book would be like myself tattooing "Filipino 4 lyfe" on my chest. It's pretty obvious, so there's no need for it. I'd rather die still pursuing, learning, chasing after dreams from my last nights sleep. My biography ends when my life does, isn't that how it's suppose to be? 

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams. - God is Love

PS. Thanks Sherman Chow. 

Clean Living..."Foundation(ed)"

He took his student to a field filled with daisies after school and said, "Pick up a daisy. Any Daisy. Write about it, about how it's better, worse, different than the others you see on this field. Write about why chose it and what you could do with that daisy". His student looked at him thinking he was as high as he was. And then he thought...*I didn't even know they were called daisies..
I went to this gravel field near my house today and closed my eyes at the sun. I picked up a rock. A plain, grey, rock. I sat in the middle of this field and thought about that rock. There must've been a million other rocks on that field but none as corroded or cut as that one. Not one that's as dusty or wet or similar smooth and rough spots. I could, throw this rock at a window. And break it. I could throw it at a window, and break the sleep of a sleeping beauty. I could, stick it under a wobbly chair. This rock could've been part of something. A mountain! A house? That sheltered people, a family. With a dog. This rock could've been the pet. People have pet rocks right?
I guess, like people, we're all different. That's a given. I guess, like rocks we can either be the rock that makes the house, or the rocks that lay underneath it. - God is Love

This post is dedicated to the late, Mr.Tingy. My writing mentor in highschool. Thanks for your unconventional teaching that taught me unconventional thinking. Rest in Peace.  

Clean Living..."Flax Rolls"

It's a pet peeve of mine when I can't eat my own words. We don't have full control over what goes on around us and our lives. We can't prevent every mistake we make. We're constantly being tested by God and the guidelines are easy as followed. We have most of the solutions in our Godly conscience. However, we intermittently place ourselves on worldly podiums and that's when we forget what we've learned. With people being eachothers critics, we fall just a little bit harder than we should.
It's impossible to look into the future and see our every mistake and fix them in present time. The only solution is to practise what's been preached. Do well with what we've said. If some of our decisions take us into a wrong direction, we always know the way back to where we can go the right one.

We are what we eat. - God is Love 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Triple Word Score

This has got to be one of the happies days of my life. When you open your eyes, we'll probably be in the hospital cafeteria playing scrabble. I'll run away and call Tita Gigi, Ty will faint, Shands will scream..etc etc.
[W][E] [L][O][V][E] [Y][O][U]...I think we just got scrabble. blogs coming real real soon. Hope it's worth the wait. Thanks for keeping up.

We love you Alyssa.

God is Love

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


your [ ][h][i][t] don't fly 'round here anymore

triple word score...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Clear Her Head

We started with 402 kisses. Not too far from a thousand...
My heart goes out to you, and we'll all be praying. - God is Lov