Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fuck it or Fix it

I'm coming to a point in my life where a lot is changing. Quitting my job to pursue my passion as a career, I feel like I'm finally at a church and at a spiritual place where I'm more attentive and willing to grow. I feel like in the past couple years I've really tried to grow up. I kept myself in places where I could easily slip back into immaturity. I think it's when I first began to realize, accept and own up to the decisions I've made in the past and admitting my faults. There's really no going to back to changing what I said or what I did and I never really fully took ownership in those things. The past year has been a selfish year but it took me this year to really understand what it takes to grow out of yourself and become someone better. Relationship-wise I feel like I'm at a point in my relationship that I've never been before in the past. I've realized again, my faults and selfish behaviours and some of the troubles I've had in my relationship are due to some of the decisions I've made.  

I came across a tweet that isn't all that "deep" but very straight to the point. It read: 

"Fuck it or fix it" 

I believe everything can be fixed, but I've been having a hard time just saying 'fuck it' and end up carrying all this unnecessary weight on my shoulders. Despite all that, by the will and power of God I know I'll be ready to take on the years ahead. No matter what changes will come my way or the changes that I'll have to make on my own. I know He's got me. I haven't rested upon him in a while, maybe that's why I've been feeling so tired. I can't do this on my own. I can't rely on anyone but Him. In the next coming weeks... it's "fuck it or fix it". 

- God is Love