Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you believe me when I say?

Last time I felt like this, I must've been seventeen. But this one is all new, like no copy or extension of anything I've ever seen. Not a thing holds a candle to you, my dove. Even the sun has it's own warmth without you. It's true. And I knew it the first time cause, kissing you is like sitting on the moon, with all the stars in my hand. As you can see it's really hard to comprehend, from such a poor man. But I just, sit back and try not to think about it too much and just say.. lucky me. Cause she's like counting pennies I don't even got. Cause money couldn't hold me anyway. I think and I wrote and I say.. How did such a luxury fall into my lap? Me saying this is the closest thing to a literal fact. You know, in the morning when I see you, with those eyes I think, I feel like electricity is running underneath my skin, every time we touch, eery time we move, every time we speak it's like, we keep expanding, the limitations of love. So that's why I say.. Forever is not long enough. You believe me when I say that? Forever is not long enough.. Okay. - God is Love

Monday, August 1, 2011


I decided to tackle a steep hill on my long board.. landed face first into the pavement.. got a couple cuts and bruises and a nice road rash on my cheek.. just goes to show, no matter how good you are at something.. you're not always in control.. - God is Love