Wednesday, February 6, 2008

this is for my boy

Damn kid, remember these days. Those days when I'd sleepover after getting 'red pace' chillin' at your crib. fricken borrowing my chinellas and not giving it back you bastard. haha. You're probably the most talented guy I've ever met, I wish I could play guitar and drums and shit like you did. You couldn't play ball like me so that made me feel better. You could still be great and use your talent with music with something when you get out. I'ma be praying hard for you man, that you can get outta there as quick as possible. I hope that God speaks to you in there, and don't be mad at him, it's hard to beleive but He's put you there for a reason, and even though it's the worst place to learn your lesson, just think, how amazingly great your reason and your outlook on life will be once He gets you out of there. He loves you man. We love you. And we'll all be waiting for you when you get back, and we're gonna fucking party 'til we don't want to no more. ha. Love you man, stay strong, look to God.