Sunday, February 28, 2016

he loves me, he loves me not

A friend of mine asked me, “how can I tell if a guy just wants to get in my pants or actually really likes me”. I feel like this is a question that I see asked a lot on television and on tumblr haha. Honestly, at first I didn’t really know how to answer that. I’ve heard a bunch of different answers, some that make sense and some that don’t. I’m not saying my answer is the best or any better than yours or another persons but if anyone is reading this, this is my answer: 
First off, I’m not a girl. That’s obvious. I’ve never felt what it’s like to have been “hitted and quitted” for lack of a better phrase. Unless a guy actually straight up tells you, “I just want to have sex” then there ya go. If that’s what you want too, then cool, do your thing. If that isn’t what you want, then you can leave. Simple as that right? I think the best way to decipher his intentions is to not ask them what their intentions are, but to tell them yours. I know women too also have urges to want to engage in physical activity but in most cases women must know they have most of the control in whether or not ya’ll get down to it. Ya’ll women have to use that self-control because in most cases, ya’ll are the ones getting hurt. Now I am not saying it’s the woman’s fault that they are hurt because it is the man that was not truthful about his intentions. Anyway, If you let the man know what your intentions, beliefs, plans etc. are in seeing him then there he knows what he’s getting himself into. It’s in your control as woman to decipher his actions from then on. I strongly believe that if ya’ll can express each others like or love for each other without that sexual physicality, when you truly believe that by each others actions that ya’ll really love each other, the sex, is only complimentary to your love. That love will be far, far greater than sex. I really really believe that. 
People think that the whole “No sex before marriage” is old fashioned or deemed “for religious people”. Not only is it biblical, it’s scientific. You do not feed the body before you feed the heart. Sex is what our body, our flesh desires but as people we are DEEPER than that. Much much deeper. If a man or woman can fill your heart, fill your mind, fill your soul… then he or she may be worthy of feeding our body. If you’re not confident if that man or woman loves you and you have sex, it’s ruined. You’ll then have larger amount of doubt with each other. If you don’t truly love that person then you won’t have the desire to feed their soul because we’re feeding each others bodies but in the end we never get full. You don’t want to doubt. You don’t want to regret. No one wants that. I’m telling ya’ll it takes a lot of will and a lot of patience to do this but if you want to experience Love at it’s finest… man… is it ever worth it. Be careful with your hearts ladies and gentlemen. Be careful with each others hearts ladies and gentlemen. - God is Love 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Count Yourself In

"Just Do It". A phrase that we all know too well but as simple as it may sound we often think it's easier said than done. We think that we can't and that we need this and that to do this and that but we don't need anything but just our own sheer will and the act of knowing

We all have things we want to accomplish whether it be tangible or something within ourselves. We all have battles that we fight and we have struggles that we face. Our struggles are often a product of how we see ourselves. We tend to accept our truths and who we are but I believe that we can be better than what we accept ourselves to be. We say and think things like "Oh well I'm just a not a patient person". That's not true. We are just weak. That doesn't mean we don't possess patience. We have to KNOW that we have patience. KNOW that we ARE patient. We have to SEE ourselves as patient people and tell ourselves that WE ARE rather than "I can be". By living with the mindset of knowing we nourish that weakness so that it exudes to our exterior. We cannot practise patience, or kindness or lovingness or creativity if we do not know we have it IN us. When we know that we can build outwards. - God is Love