Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Borrow My Mind..."God Speed"

i 've developed a huge amount  of road rage. I think it's because I'm always driving like I'm in a rush as if I have somewhere important to be...

Whatever happened to taking things slow? At some  recent point I decided to start taking what I wanted in life even if it wasn't mine, or unintended to be mine yet. I figured, if I'm going to have it anyway, might aswell have it now. And carrying too many un-needed things in my backpack. So I leave my house with nowhere to go, and driving down lanes like the Indy 500. Making mundane tasks as important as saving a cat from a tree.Checking off my life's "to do" list from bottom to top. But on June 20th, God blessed me with something, that gave me the insight to work, at Godspeed. To have more self-control, and patience in my life to wait, for the things that need to be waited on. To take slow, things that could last forever. To not look at things a
s fast as a snapshot. Even though the phrase "God Speed" is meant that we wish for a job to be done quickly, I'l go as quick or as slow as God tells me to. In God's time, In God's Speed. - God is Love
I guess it's a lack of patience and self-control. Or maybe a confusion of direction. I recently changed the title of my blogs from "Rough Draft" to "Borrow My Mind" because the way I felt like writing didn't fit in with how my "rough draft" concept was. "writers block" and "rough draft" asked questions, stated epiphonies, and I answered them, and gave my prophecy. I'm not writing, so there's no mental block. This is rougher than a rough draft. this is literally my mind, straight to the keyboard. So sorry if it's unorganized, or poorly grammaticalized. I just hope you borrow my mind and play with it, add stuff to it, take stuff out of it and give it back. So I have an idea of how all of you think. So please, comment, message me on facebook if you have me, email me at donnelbarroso@hotmail.com, add me on twitter.com/DonnelB and give me a PIECE of MIND. 

Borrow My Mind..."Said I Loved"

*MSN message alrt tone..."Do you remember what it's like to be in love?". *typing, backspace, typing, backspace...."Of course, how could I forget?". 
I think what I did forgot, was how, to love. I guess I'll learn sometime, as much as I can blog about the topic, I'll still be a newb. - God is Love

Monday, June 8, 2009

Borrow My Mind..."Cure to Boredom, Map to Hapiness"

There's something that we don't know, that other people do. There's things that people in poverty know, that people in your neighbourhood don't. There are things that people in Japan have never seen, that poeple in California have. If most of us are "bored", think about that. Cultivate curiousity about, everything! Not just about Art, but paintbrushes and canvases. Not only about countries and cities, but about foriegn customs and people. Not just about our friends, but about this labyrinth of somethingness we call ourselves. If we do that, we'll never suffer a moment's boredom. 
If baby Aaliyah can be fascinated with a plastic stick and some soap, I'm sure I can create some fascination about he mayan civilization or the fact that I used to have nosebleeds when I laughed too much. No stress, no stress at all. No stress, no stress at all. 
So what is it about you, that makes you different from me? Why does your blog have a dope layout, and mine is just plain white? Do I sound annoying yet? I do? Good, cause annoying is just another word for curiousity. Be curious, be free, learn, see things that I've never seen. - God is Love

Monday, June 1, 2009

Borrow My Mind..."Stayin' with the Times"

The new ideas of one age, become the ideologies of the next. In time and probability, will all become out of date and inapplicable.

Everyday there's some sort of technological advancement that blows my mind to think that some of these inventions are actually possible. I'm still amazed at a telephone, while internet radio, GPS phone applications and robot nannys are available through one click of a button. One day, we'll be telling our grandchildren about touchscreen phones and how we used to go to cafe's to get wireless internet and they'll be laughing thier heads off. Isn't that wierd to think? The world we live in today is going to change alot in the near future. 
People are probably the most influencial and influenced things on this planet, we are influenced by our imagination to create state of the art technology, that influences other people to keep up, with the times. As much as we're influenced by the things that are going on around us, I hope that we ourselves don't get influenced in negative directions the future has. I now understand why senior citizens in our time, don't need blackberrys and iPods, because in thier generation they never needed them, but it was thier ideologies and values that taught us about hard work and living with that we have. So in the future, even though our digital SLR's and macbooks may be extinct, our ideas and values become a foundation for the future. - God is Love