Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Conversation with a Mind Alike..."The Thrill of the Wait"

I guess this is some sort of a spin off to..."At Waitings End", check it out. A couple days ago, I gained new perspective in the topic of, Waiting. It's interesting how we can think about one thing, and see it in a million different views, here's view # 834, 102. I'm also going to dedicate this post to my friend Ryan Smith, who wrote a peice that inspired this. Thanks.

I heard chivalry's back in style, but why go to jupiter and back to get what we want? When 99 roses, 85 love letters, 152 gifts later, we're still in the same place we were when we had taken off?

This whole thing, is just one big game of tag. An open field of people and we just go around tagging whomever we choose. We tag someone, they're it and maybe they'll tag you back. Then someone else tags us and we're back to the races. We're always, chasing. It's, tiring.

I guess, rather than choosing who to chase. It's wondering who will chase you. Everyone is worth the chase, why don't we just wait. For that person, who will respond to your flare gun signal and hop on Usain Bolt's back to come and get you. I'd rather play, duck, duck, goose. Sit in a circle, til someone comes around and pats my head....

Like, Like, Like, Like....


That's a hope worth waiting, and a chase we know we're going to win. - God is Love

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversation with Rufio..."Thimbles and Cushions"

"Do you know what a kiss is?"

I entered my family party and I go around the living room with thimbles and cushions prepared for all my aunts and grandparents. To me, it's a gesture of respect.

I entered practise and go around the studio with thimbles and cushions in my shoes for all the others that will squeak in unicen as we dance on the floor. To me, it's a gesture of union.

I entered a basement and drifted through the circles with thimbles and cushions mixed in with a soft drink for the people who make my life a summers more exciting. To me, its a gesture of friendship.

I entered an office and opened my laptop with thimbles and cushions to a dream turned reality for a family that's not lead but leads. To me, it's a gesture of trust.

I entered a restaurant and pulled out a chair with thimbles and cushions in my pocket for a game of chance and destiny. To me, it's a gesture of hope.

We place levels of significance on things like hugs and kisses. A kiss might be personal, a kiss might be social. A hug might be friendly, a hug might be, a start. Sometimes they're misunderstood, sometimes they get lost in complication. Why can't it ever simply, just be, thimbles and cushions. Do I know what a kiss is? Well, I guess I'll know once I'm given one. - God is Love

Friday, December 11, 2009

Conversation with Self Made..."This Love, This Dream, This Young"

"Blogger's gon' catch feelin's"
"But it always boils down to, doing what you love, and NOTHING ELSE"

It was never about raw talent, it was always about raw imagination. Writing, his dream. His business, his dream catcher. A quick "Conversation" with the 20 year old from Vncvr.

I: So, most people don't know who you are but I do, so why don't you give me a quick intro on who you are and what it is that you do.
D: Okay, shuhr. Donnel Garcia, well, my real last name's Barroso but I use my mothers maiden name in my writing. Well, basically, I'm a writer. I'm not professional, yet, but I'll get there. I don't really think you need the "professional" title to be a writer but I'll go to school for it for the head office folks.
I: What do you mean "head office folks"?
D: For you people. I'm not going to get a job if I put "I got a blog and journal" on my resume y'know?
I: Your blog, "readingisfree.blogspot.com", recieved a lot of attention down here just by word of mouth.
D: Yeah, so I've heard
I: You don't know?
D: I have one of those google analytics on my blog but I never check it. I must get a lot of views if I'm getting interviewed right? (he laughs)
I: (I laugh) Yeah I guess so huh. Tell us about where you're from? Vancouver.
He sits a little bit more upright when I ask him this question. As if I've gained his attention.
D: There's too much to say. I love that city. Unfortunately, government cut Arts funds which is one of the reasons for the move down here. The beautiful thing is we have this arts culture that's just waiting to erupt. I'm getting antsy just talking about it right now. We've yet to get super recognition of the work we do in Vncvr, but the winter Olympics are fast approaching so I hope the city opens the worlds eyes to us, cause it's really a very beautiful place. Check the license plates.
I: Why do you think the scene there isn't as big as other major North American cities?
D: I know people gon' catch feelins when I answer this but I think it's the cultural and age gap in the city. I know there's great people, great artists doing great things for our Vancouver arts scene but most of these companies and people I've never heard of because of the age gap. There's a great company called "Cause+Effect" but I've never heard of them until a couple months ago because these guys are a good 7 er 8 years older. When they started thier company I was still in the 10th grade sitting in the science lab playing with buntzen burners. If there was a way we could connect the older generation with the younger, wow. The outcome would be more than I can imagine.
I: So Nonducor, you believe could bridge that gap?
D: Well, we intend to try. Realisticaly, we want to build our generation, so in the future there aren't any gaps between companies like ours to companies that will come up 8 years later. We're trying to get ahead and looking for younger people, younger than myself, highschool students who want to get out there. I want to build respect amongst my peers and generation for kids in 8th grade and 9th grade to ask me "Hey Donnel, what can I do to be successful". I guess I killed two birds with one stone because I know you were going to ask me what it is Nonducor wants to do. (Laughs)
I: Since you killed that one, let me ask you what your company does, exactly?
D: Secret. Sorry. Confidential. Nonducor, Confidential.
I: I know what you do for Nonducor, but what is it that you guys do because I've heard one of your people talk about it.
D: Oh I got people now too? (Laughs). Okay well, we're just a bunch of crazy, wait, am I allowed to swear? Or will you just symbolize the letters of my swear word?
I: Sure, why not.
D: We're just a bunch of crazy muh&^*%$$. The other Creative Director, Paulo Garcia, described it best. Compare it to a television network. NBC for example. There's people that work for NBC and they have shows like Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brian, SNL etc. Those guys are their own shows. Nonducor is just the umbrella, the projects and brands we carry with us, are thier own aswell. We don't touch them, unless they come to us about something they need. As of right now, we're involved in eachothers projects, because there's not that many of us, and we all need eachothers help. But let's say our COUVY.COM lifestyle brand get's big, then, all my job will be is to cut thier checks, cause I'm sure they'll be able to hire people to do graphics or concepts for them.
I: That sounds ambitious for a group of young people. How did you come up with this idea?
D: That's a whole 'nother interview to be real with you. You might have to just dedicate this whole magazine to us, (laughs). To be honest, I wasn't there in the root of it all, but I'm here to lay the foundation. If you really want that answer, you'll have to talk to my other directors. TRIP TO VNCVR.
I: Can you tell me what your main purpose is?
D: Ever sit around with your friends, or colleagues, whomever, and talk about, just anything. How many times do you hear "Wouldn't it be cool" or "I wish there was a" or "They should make a" in a conversation. We want to make possible all these "cool" things that we all "wish" for but never thought to think that any of it was actually possible. We just hope that people like our stuff, because we love our stuff, and if you do what you love, the hapiness will always overbear brokeness, and doing what you love will always equal success. That's just my answer, you can go ask the other 8 people in my click, they'll have a whole 'nother answer. But it'll always boil down to, doing what you love, and nothing else.
I: What if you haven't reached the amount of success you dreamed for?
D: One, I'm not working hard enough. Two, you cannot measure success. Unless you're going by money, cars, clothes, and hoes. But, Nonducor, myself, don't go by that. That stuff is nice, but we all know that all that is just an application to our success. We don't need it, but it'd be nice, right? Girls and ?hit, Ferrari and a Lambo. (Laughs hysterically)
I: I know it's pretty obvious but besides writing and directing, is there anything else you're interested in?
D: Sewing. Love it. Knitting. Cats. Breading wild animals. (Laughing) I know you wanted me to say photography. Photography, yes. I'm still trying to define my style but I've built a portfolio already, just in case.
I: What are your near future plans for Nonducor?
D: We're working up to our spring release. Just a whole bunch of planning, and foundation building. Anything to look forward to? We're shooting an indie romance film in the spring/summer. Besides that, confidential, like I said. (Laughs) Sorry, I know I talk alot. (Laughs)
I: Any plans to move back to Vncvr?(he asked me to spell it this way)
D: Of course, Seattle's just my hideout. It's where I store all my ideas and work, and every trip I make back I bring back all my work that I've done and it's a lot. I love this place, just as much as Vncvr.
I: Do you have any personal projects that you're doing just yourself?
D: I have dreams, dreams that will turn into my projects. Projects that will be my life. My life is a dream. Sleep on it. - Fin

Thanks for this awesome oppurtunity, Holla Nonducor, Holla Couvy, Holla Cotcia. Never would've thought I'd be on this side of an interview. This is what we call progress. - God is Love

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Conversation With Some, Girl..."Going Once, Going Twice..."

Meh, I'm not too worried about it yet, I'm at a stage in my life where, girls don't value what I have to offer. I'll have women all over me when after I'd have written a couple best sellers, bought my own jet, and running Nonducor in 5 different countries from my office off the coast of Gibralter, y'know when I'm like, 20, something...Til then, just have to lay low, and get plenty of rest. Yeah..

Develop your friendships first, and treat your sisters in the Lord like gold.

Going three times.....SOLD!, To the woman in the thick framed glasses. - God is Love

Monday, December 7, 2009

Conversations with the Bloggers..."Tumblrweed"

I was browsing through a bunch of poeples blogs this afternoon, trying to get out my slump, and I noticed alot of these....


I have nothing against tumblr. Nonducors blog is tumblr, many of my friends blogs are on tumblr. I use it when I post on Nonducor, it's fast, easy, and has cool templates to work with and etc. etc. I just have too many blogs to go and switch. I think by now, I can call myself a writer, better yet a thinker. Thinkers don't need fancy templates, or backgrounds, they just need this keyboard, and that 'Publish Post' button. So, I thank the people who are still killin' it on blogspot, and even those on tumblr who are keepin' it thoughtful. Big shout to a awesome Photo Blog from my homie Jon Chiang. Check his page out,www.nobuddyreads.wordpress.com and don't forget to check out the links on the side for NONDUCOR. Want to get serendaded to sleep, check our one of my favorite bloggers Christina Dao's youtube and her blog. If you're of age, go to THE MODLINE's fashion show this wednesday at Fortune Sound Club. It's more than just a party night, it's an industry night! People from television, news, fashion will all be there. Look Fresh, style bloggers and photographers will be everywhere, including myself, who will be covering this event with Nonducor. Shout out to THE MODLINE for throwing this event. Peep the INFO on our blog. Thanks for the read, thanks for the clicked links, thanks in general. Latuh. - God is Love

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Conversations with a Out-of-towner..."Happy Birthday Belle"

D: "Christina, are you with Belle?"
C: "No, I'm not, she's with sdfhksjhfhfe"
D: "Damn, can you do me a favor and ask her what her favorite song is?"
C: "Okay I'm pretty sure it's Jacks but hold on"
C: "I'm so clever this is what I said. 'He's probably planning something to do with your favorite song. What is your favorite song btw?"
D: "You are clever"

1 hour later....

D: "I still haven't finished the song for Belle"
C: "Hey, we should collaborate and surprise her"
D: "That's a great idea"

This video is the result of this conversation. 15 minutes of planning, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLE!! Are we the greatest or what??? Don't mind me, just listen to Christina in this one. We would've done some better takes but we were to busy watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Cakeboss". Anyway, I hope you like it, and yeah. I wore the same glasses as her. ha.

PS. Thank you Christina for coming ALLL the way to my home. haha.

- God is Love