Sunday, February 27, 2011

love wins

He runs his finger through his hair pinching the end of the last strand over and over. Staring blankly at her hunched over his lap with her hair hanging down to floor like an inverted noose. Hung from guilt. 
Everything in his being tells him to throw her out. He hates her. He doesn't understand her. He's confused. He's in tears. The silence isn't the same. It isn't the same as mornings in her kitchen making breakfast or the silence in his bed room in the night. 
Everything in his being tells him to pull her in. He loves her. He understands. He knows. He's in tears. He grabs her hand to stand her up. She pushes her head into his chest resisting his finger that's pushing her chin up so he can look at her. He takes a step back, she follows. He takes a step to the side, she follows. He takes a step forward, He leads. My dear, we're, slow dancing in a burning room. - God is Love 

Sup Foo

Some might call me a sucka, yeah, yeah I am. Cause I'm a fool for you. - God is Love 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Forget about the Price Tags

The more you encourage her to branch out and become her own person, the more she draws closer to you. She may know her worth. But it's a duty of a man to remind her she's priceless. - God is Love 

Friday, February 11, 2011

What's The Difference?

I took/made this picture on Microsoft Paint in the 9th grade. I thought it was so cool, that  right then and there I wanted to take up photography. #lookatmenow #picturesofmychildhood

I WANT TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!! It's pretty safe to say that with all the booming trends and Lady Gaga's out there that it's, okay, to be different. Everyones different, really. We take the experiences we have in our lives and the people that we meet, and others who inspire us, take it all in and that's, Us, in a human body of differentness. But sometimes our strive to be different is mainly for self purpose. We want to be different, to be noticed as "different". As, unique. 

So back to my beginning sentence. I WANNA BE DIFFERENT. 
Why do we want to be different? Different from what? Different FOR what? I believe when we strive for difference we don't really try to make, one. Make, a difference, in our, difference. Think about people that we look up to, whether it be our parents, a sibling, a musician, artist, 7-Eleven Clerk(haha) etc. They're our role models for what? For, making an impact in our lives. An inspiration in it. And possibly a difference. Influenced us to be different. To be, ourselves. I guess the point I'm trying to get across is, be different, to make a difference. Because if we're not making a change, than I guess we're just all the same. - God is Love

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I Don't Feel

Someone must've slipped a little bit of haterade in my water... I'm gonna do this quickly, because I'm not a negative person but hey, I got feelings too. 
Things I don't feel... 
Pictures of couples wearing Jordans 
Miami Heat 
When people can't comprehend Change 
When people do not have the courage to state their opinion to another ones face. And instead going through means of a blog, a tweet, a facebook status, a rumour. 
Really tight jeans 
The belief that smoking Weed can enhance your artistic and creative ability 
Sensitive dudes 
Sensitive artists 
The debate on what "Real" Hip Hop is 
I don't feel the need to write about any of these topics, so I just wanted to list them off, and continue writing some feel-love, feel-good, Life encouraging thannngss. Alright. Thanks. - God is Love

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Saw the Sein

George: *looks at woman at the cash register .. "You think she's happy?" 
Jerry: "Who?" 
George: "The Cashier" 
Jerry: "Ruthie Cohen?" 
George: "You know her name?" 
Jerry: "Sure" 
George: "I don't think I've ever spoken to her" 
Jerry: "Maybe that's why she's happy" 
Maybe so, Jerry. Maybe so. 
The debate between, destiny and free will can go on and on and on. How do we know if the cashier is happier without meeting George. How does George know that? If he doesn't say Hi to her, it might me ruining his destiny. What if not saying hi to the cashier IS his destiny? What if saying Hi to her is his destiny? It's too big of a subject, no one wins, but we all live. And we should live, in balance. - God is Love

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"I can't wait 'til we're all makin' stupid cake doing what we love" - Les Birch, Creator & Director of Chasing Mood
This is the kind of synergy I've been waiting for.. - God is Love