Saturday, September 29, 2007

i still love h.e.r.

I realized today that I've been working at Starbucks for 7 months now. I don't know. doesn't really have to do with anything, I just thought it was cool. I like these blogsites like this one and xanga 'cause you get to just type about anything, and it doesn't have to be anything outspoken or inspiring, and it's not really meant for any specific person or poeple to be read by, it's just, whomever stumbles upon it. Or decides to read it. Unlike facebook, when you put out a "note", it shows up onl atleast 75% of your friends' "FEED" and poeple comment and stuff on it, which is cool, but, to me it's sort of wierd when I do these types of things where I talk about nothing and poeple comment on it. It's as if I were to go to your home and read your journal or diary and write a comment about it at the end of your entry. Sorta wierd I think. I'm not saying you shouldn't comment poeples blogs or whatever, but, I like to pick and choose. Anyway..
Time goes by so fast, I remember in the 8th grade my homeboy Daniel and I were at his place and we were just coolin' out, doing the same thing we do everyday of that summer (go to mcdonalds, swim in his pool, eat nachos) and his mom asked us if we were ever gonna do anything productive. She said "All that sleeping in you guys are doing, is jsut wasting your life. Watch, one day, you're gonna fall asleep, and you're gonna wake up and you'll be 18 going to college". Know what? It happened. Before the end of my last highschool year, that memory played in my mind every morning when I woke up. Cause every morning I woke up that year, I thought to myself "holy crap, I'm 17 and I'm going to college next year". And even though I'm not big on typical teenage couple things, like "month anniversarys", in 3 days, it marks me and my girlfriends 4 months. Although, in this case, I feel like we've been going out for more. haha.
October 18th also marks the date of my birth. I'm not tryin' to say anything about getting me a present, no, I don't care if you I don't get any, 'cause it's not like I'm asking. ha, I'm kidding. I just wanna chill with my parents, hang out with my girlfriend, see some friends and that's all the presents I need.
In conclusion, thanksgiving is this weekend. I think everyone's got a whole bunch of things to be thankful for. At bible study on tuesday, Rob asked a very interesting question. Of course, we're all thaknful for, being alive, our house, our friends, our parents etc. etc. However, what is something that you're thankful for, but it's hard or confusing to why you'd be thankful for it. For example, back in the day in the Nazi's and stuff, Jewish poeple were being kept in concentration camps or living in the "ghetto" of different cities under the control of the Nazi's. In one building, a group of jewish poeple held a bible study a secret bible study every week. It was around thanksgiving, they had read in the bible, "Be thankful for everything". The poeple were confused because, why would they be thankful for things like fleas that were a nuisance in thier building. But they did as the bible said and they thanked God for their bible study and that they're still alive and they thanked God for the fleas. The next morning, the Nazi's were doing a check-up to make sure the jewsih poeple didn't have things that they weren't suppose to have and that they weren't trying to start a rebellion. The building that had the bible study was afraid that if they came they would take away thier bibles. So, they Nazi's came to thier building and they opened the door and they saw the enormous amount of fleas int hier building so they decided not to go in and skip it and go tot he next, thank God for the fleas..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Graduated...again.

I have to say, I momentarily forgot 'bout the whole September 11th thing. Due to the much advertised releases of Kanye West's - "Graduation" and 50 Cent's - "Curtis". I'm not a big fan of any of 50 cents releases after "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" so I decided to just download "Curtis" knowing it probably won't be worth buying in stores. Kanye's album on the other hand, I was more than willing to spend that $12.99 even though it wasn't in my budget. I didn't get ir right on the release date, but when I heard the good reviews from friends and several blogsites I went to the store and copped it and uploaded it into my ipod. Kanye's arrogant swagger comes across in his lyrics, and I forgive Kanye for that VMA rant he had earlier this month. I don't care. The dude puts out G.O.O.D. music, I don't care 'bout his other shit. This album is probably the best one out of the 3. Well, I'm still pretty biased towards "College Dropout" but if I had to choose. I'd choose "Graduation". His beats are more soulful, great samples. hahah. 2 tracks that I like, are 'Flashing Lights' & 'Big Brother', his ode to Jay-z. If you don't have this, go get it. If you don't, you're probably jsut gonna download it anyway. PEACE!!!