Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What to Expect, When You're Expecting

"It is not her fault that she doesn't know and we're not going to hold that against her are we? No we are not. You sing whatever it is that is in you to sing" - Sister Mary Clarence, Sister Act 2

I've learned that it's best not have expectations of other people. As human beings, we're made, imperfect. Of course. As much as we try not to make mistakes, we will. Of course. When we have expectations of o people, even as little as they may be, they will more than likely disappoint you. So I say not to expect so much, expect less if not at all. Know what that person can give you and build from there. We can't expect people to know everything. That's a given. In actuality, that's how most of us act.    Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you about something, for example, the boy band One Direction. And you replied not knowing who or what they were talking about? Like "Who's One Direction?". And then they look at you like "WHAT?! HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW ONE DIRECTION". Well, as popular as those boys may be, there are people in this world that have no clue who they are, or even know they exist. That's just the way us humans work sometimes. We assume by popular reason. Anyway, the goal here is to not have so many expectations and be thankful for what that person can give. It's easy, it's give & take. It's give & give back. 

So, what to expect when you're expecting: 

If you expect noting, you'll always get more than what you expected. - God is LOVE