Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Borrow My Mind

I'm just thinking...- God is Love

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rough Draft..."Calm Sense"

An unexpected tantrum was waiting for me at breakfast one saturday morning, from what it seemed, it was a normal sunny afternoon. During the repeated arguments and exclamated remarks. All I was thinking was "How am I getting in trouble, for not saying anything"...

Be still and know you are God, right? I never knew I could get thrown in the place of guilt by living that phrase. I guess, everything makes more sense, if you just stand there, and take it. 

After an hour or so of hearing all of my lifes irresponsibilities and 13 plates, 6 bowls, 12 glasses, 4 knives, 8 spoons and 10 forks washed, there was only one thing to dry, my mothers eyes...

I don't really know why I handle things the way I do. Does it make sense to say that I understand...quicker? Or is it just confused with the small fact that I don't care as much sometimes. I never cry, not saying that I never get the feeling. Is it bad that I have so much suppressed anger and sadness? haha...oh well. 

I retire to my room and maybe making up for some irresponsibility I try and clean my already clean room. Thankfully, my parents left the house but God didn't. Realizing there wasn't really anything to clean I knelt half inside my closet, and prayed...

My mother said "Strike One"..My father said "Strike Two"...My Father pitched...Home run. - God is Love

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"The Ugly, The Bad, The Good"

Listening, and reading the lives of my peers and living my own life, I've learned and come to this understanding. As smart as we all are and as much knowledge we attain, we're human enough to make mistakes. The bible taught me that noone is perfect, we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Although, everything, is beautiful right? 
Mistakes are beautiful. At times we don't see the positive in negative situations. Sometimes it seems as if there's nothing but negativity. Mistakes are made for us to correct. How would we know right from wrong, if there wasn't someone who did wrong. Some of us need more than once to correct ourselves, that's okay, trial and error right? I'm sure things like airplanes or even shoes weren't perfected on the first try. I'm sure the Wright Brothers or Jan Ernst Matzeliger(Invented the sneaker) didn't think about "three axis control" or rubber soles right away. But they took an idea that didn't seem possible at the time, and now thanks to their intial ugly designs we have things like Jet fighters and Jordans.  
There's always some beautiful in the ugly, and we have to find that capacity in ourselves to know where the good is in everything. Whether it be, a relationship or an invention. The chances we take determine what's right for us, and if we end up going the wrong way, atleast we know what the right way is.
If the good skips bad and turns into ugly, we can look at the bad in the ugly so we can be good, perfectly imperfect. - God is Love