Sunday, September 21, 2008

Writers Block.."In A Rush"

I'm working in a half hour and usualy it takes about an hour or so to think of something good to say. I forced myself to have not as muh time as before so I can just write about whatever I'm thinking, and pretty much just force myself to write. In saying this, I was talking to a friend and I was telling her how I'm forcing myself to write about one topic for one a whole journal and she told me that she tried to get in the groove to draw again but nothing inspired her. Nothing inspires her. Nothing inspires me. Or, everything inspires me. I guess I'm just having one of those clever hypocritical thoughts. I'm not inspired to write, but the thought of not being inspired makes me inspired to write about not, being, inspired. In thought of inspiration, I ask anyone who reads this, what inspires you to do what you do? Shit, if the wage your getting for your job inspires you to work, then go'head my homie, get that money. I can never get inspired to do something that I don't normally do or that I don't like. I don't normally snowboard, but if I see snowboarding on television then I'll want to snowboard, but if I see, people working out or some shit on t.v...I still won't work out. haha. At the same time I think it comes down to how much you love what you do, and I'd go on into another blog I wanted to write but I'll just stop here cause I'm going to go eat my kim chi noodles before I go to work. Last words are, that's Blackstreet in that photo if ya'll remember, they INSPIRED the title to my blog get inspired, rain is fricken dope, litterally, BMO on West Georgia just got robbed today, Half the starbucks in the city don't have Creme Base, so if your craving a green tea, vanilla bean, or strawberry frappuccino, sorry homies. Now that's some useful information niiinnnjjaaaa! God is back by popular demand. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Writers Block.."Grown Out"

Do you ever notice, now that you're a little bit older, some of your old habits have gone to the trash bin of your lifes computer. Give me an honest answer when I ask ya'll, when was the last time you picked your nose? I mean really picked the hek out of it. Then stuck it underneath your couch or your rug in your living room. When was the last time you got $1 worth of 5 cent candies at 7 eleven. Girls, when was the last time you took a picture fo your eye? HAHA. Or a picture of your stomach, or your ass for some of ya'll. Guys, when was the last time you streaked your hair so your head looked like a leapard. When was the last time you used liquid gel for your hair? And even for some of ya'll, when was the last time you did the c walk or the harlem shake? HA. Sometimes, I'd think about making a new Nexopia account just so I could see if there are people still doing that stuff. LG's taking pictures of thier asses and shizz. Sometimes I wonder if every kid goes through those stages? From the grade 8 stiff hip rocking dances to the up in the club real close to sex dancing. Baggy jeans to skinny jeans. And1's to Vans. Basketball headbands to fitted caps. Wanting a platinum to chain to a wooden rosary. I mean, I'm only 19. What's going to happen when I'm 25 and writing another one of these and saying TheHundreds to Club Monaco. Skinny Jeans to Dress Pants. Vans to...still be rocking vans when I'm 25. haha. I can't have this rat-tail forever. These jeans won't fit me in 7 years. Maybe we won't even be using facebook anymore. Maybe we'll all be using some new stupid shizz called "headnovel". All our emails will be I was originally calling this entry "grown out" but it seems like I have alot more growing to do. - God is back by popular demand. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Writers Block.."All Smiles"

So, I was looking through sthe little DVD collection I have, thinking of which one I'd like to fall asleep to and I found a burnt copy of "Pursuit of Hapiness". Which struck up the thought of what makes me happy? What are things that make people happy? I googled "hapiness" and the first item that showed up was "What makes hapiness". It's pretty much a bunch of people on this thread and they list things that they think makes people happy. Here's some of the things that some people wrote:
Living in a country that is in peace, having good physical and mental health,being in love, having lots of friends, having lots of interests, having a positive attitude...etc etc. 
So this is my little two cent on what the pursuit of hapiness is, or, what hapiness is..
Everyone find hapiness in thier own personal outlet, whether it be reading a book, dancing, taking care of thier kid etc. I think it's safe to say that everyone wants to be happy. Content with thier lives and what they're are doing with it. Some people, find hapiness in all sorts of different things and they jump from one thing to another. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be happy. It's where you find hapiness is what I find not to be the negative side. Some people find hapiness in having a significant other, but once thier unhappy, what are they to do? FInd another? Then another? On and on that cycle goes. If someone finds hapiness in cliff diving? Then what's after that? Bungee jumping, then sky diving, then free falling? There has to be something constant that makes you happy without you even doing anything. Something above an activity, or an extreme sport. Something that makes you wake up in the morning, feeling fresh and content the first second you open your eye. This earth, this world we dwell in is filled with temporary highs that you can try and give you that extra kick in your step but there's only so many things, what happens when you run out? What's going to make you happy? Better question, who's going to make you happy? God is Love, as well as he is hapiness. - Peace...back by popular demand. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some unprofound shit..

It's been a while so I'm just gonna jump straight in it...
It's something about the beginning of a year and the end of it that makes you think about the past. Scrolling through old pictures on your photo albums on facebook, and remember people you didn't hang out with over the summer and giving them one of those "YO we didn't even chill during summer.." things or like myself, posting up an old ass picture fo yourself and becoming sad knowing that I could never have my hair like that again. haha. Maybe writing a blog or a note commemorating a great summer. Whatever it is you do, it's always times liek these that amke you look back. Why do certain points in time make you do or think about other things? Why do we only think about spoiling your significant other on valentines day or on our month-a-versarys? Why can't we always spoil them. Why can't we give that "new love" feeling everyday? Why is it only Christmas and Birthday's we give people gifts? Sure, it's tradition, and it's a celebration of that person's life but try giving a person a present on November 17th. You'll know the difference. 
You want to know something cool? It only takes a blog like this to make someone realize something like that. Let me be the one to trigger that emotion in you, let this blog be a point in time that makes you change the points in time of your life if that even makes sense. So lovers, it's best to do the little things all year than one or two big things for one or two days or the year. So friends, let each other know when one of ya'll has done something dope for each other, that alone, thanking them for something as little as meeting them somewhere less convenient for them extends the life of your bond. haha. I sound like Mark and Craig Keilburgers "Me to We" book. Whatever. anyway, this was to just get me warmed up for some big stuff. later ya'll. - God is Love