Sunday, March 25, 2018

28ighteen... "constant"

You ever feel hungry after you ate a good meal? I mean, everybody gets hungry no matter how good they ate the day before or the meal before. Our body needs that daily sustenance. Life is more subtle. 

Life has it owns hunger pains but too often we respond to them with memories of past meals and expect ourselves to feel fulfilled. This is sometimes what we call 'living in the past'. We think about all the times we've won, all the times we've done something good for someone and expect them to remember it next time they need something from us. Sometimes we live in our past accomplishments to justify the present needs but yesterdays food has already been digested and flushed. We dwell in these past victories that we are blind to todays needs. 

The blessings of love and success are found in their constancy. Not in it's peaks and valleys. We don't measure ourselves by the highs and lows but who we are in between them. - God is Love