Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conversations with Embarrasment..."Let's Be Stupid"

You're welcome Due..haha

The high notes of life consist of the high notes we never hit, but try to anyway because it makes us feel like Mariah or Brian Mcknight. The things we do after we look around to see if anyones watching. The things we do before we notice that the woman in the next car is glaring at you. Our voices get a little more quiet, the music plays a little more softer but the joy is still there. Where that smile blushes our faces. And the laughter that bursts out after driving away from that glaring woman. Most things that we find embarrasing are just grown in foolishness. We still walk around in our moms heels, they just fit us better now. Looking through old albums and remembering times when we accidentally fell into that pond only to find ourselves now halfway in a sewer hole trying to dig out our keys. Dancing around the house in your underwear realizing our mom was watching us all along may be embarrasing at first, but, after putting on a pair of paints and cleaning up the living room, you can't help but laugh an tell all our friends about it. Something times, being stupid, can lead to being happy. So, let's all act stupid, together - God is Love

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conversations with Chapters..."Peace, In"

Sorry for the inconsistency this past few weeks. I've been journaling, and forgot about my online one. But here goes..
(Picture taken in the Philippines, seems like everyones going back)
When days, weeks, months, semesters get busy the only times we can find time for ourselves and our own thoughts is the car rides/bus rides to our busy lives. Even then our minds are still cluttered with pharmacology, Romeo and Juliet, getting a front seat in class, Boys, Girls etc. Weekends are either slept or worked through and hardly the end of the week vacation they should be. We work our schedules out so we have free time for free time, stay up later to wake up later, cancel a day with the boy to be with the girls, switch a shift here to have time there. At the end of it we still don't have free time, still in bed at 2pm, a day owed to the boy, shift switched or not we still have work. It's stressful, frustrating sometimes. If we want it to be.

Moving things around, making space, finding time would be usless if we don't have Peace in anything. Finding peace isn't about getting rid and getting away from our lifes noises but to be immersed in them and still be calm in our hearts.

"Finding Peace isn't being Out of our lives, it's to be In with ourselves" - Donnel Barroso

-God is Love

Monday, January 4, 2010

Conversation with Heaven..."Found It?"

Still haven't found it? Lost it? Sa'll good.

Forgotten what blue skies look like? Yeah, so do I. I love winter, it's one of my favorite seasons. The one thing I dislike most is that I can't see the sky. It's just, gray. Usually something wet coming down from it.(TWSS) Sometimes we forget what our heaven looks like, or where it is, even what it is because we can't see it. We get distracted from what keeps us from our heaven. We become more focused on the things that are blocking us from our heaven that we forget that whatever's behind that wall is what's going to break it. The rain, the snow, comes down on us. Pressures of school, and stress pushes us backwards into a cocoon.

We should keep our mind fixated on where were going and look forward to getting there. If we know where we're going, the walls, the rain, will be broken and we'll be shielded with an umbrella of focus. Slowly, the clouds will part, and you'll wake up to something like...

Now do you remember? - God is Love