Monday, January 24, 2011

Sneaker Drive

"Back in the day" I probably would've described myself as a crazy, fun, wild, out-going person. I guess I can still say that about myself, ha. Maybe not "Wild" or "Crazy" but the other ones, yeah. One thing I can describe myself as, and some of you maybe share this with me, is "Sneaker addict". I think I've only made my addiction worse by working at a sneaker store. 
Like everyday, I clean my room. I noticed the massive growth of sneaker boxes and sneakers that have took up a quarter of the space in my room. I looked at all my shoes laying around and matched it with the amount of clothes I had. And I thought to myself.. "Man, I need more clothes". Kidding! Nah, I thought, "man what am I gonna do with all these friggin shoes". 
A dude comes up to and He's like.. "I'll give you eternal life". So what else can I say but "YES". So he says "Cool, all you gotta do, is take all your shoes, and distribute them all throughout your city until you have no shoes left but the ones you have on". Of course, my first thought was "Man, this dude must be crazy". How could I live with just 1 pair of shoes for the rest of my life? I mean, anyone would be saddened by the thought of just giving away a pair of Jordan's you spent hard earned money on. But the fact is, we do need to let it go. When we go six feet under in that coffin, we're not taking anything with us. Much less, a pair of shoes. Some people don't even wear their kicks cause they don't want them to get dirty. I will say this once, if you're a real Jordan fan, you'd wear the crap out of them. Cause Jordan did. 
So after this encounter with this guy I took every shoe in my closet and packed em up in garbage bags. Left a solid 3 or 4 pair to myself and drove off into the city.. so, next time you're in the downtown east side and you see a dude wearing some bomb ass kicks. Well.. y'know. Shoes are meant to be worn, just how lives, are meant to be lived. - God is Love

What's impossible to man, is possible with God. So if you got some kicks you wanna kick out.. I know a lot of people who would love them. Let me know. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Free App

The iPhone4 has been sold out for weeks and after 2 weeks of checking 4 different fido's everyday, I still don't have one. I guess it doesn't really matter to me, but I mean, you should see my current phone. One word, PrePaid. I've been checking out some of the cool "apps" the iPhone4 has and it's pretty cool. It's like having my macbook in my pocket, pretty much. I got found this one app that wasn't that high on the scale but it sounds pretty dope. It's called Life. The Life App. 
Pretty much, it analyzes your daily routine by sound and video recording and retains whatever information or knowledge or skill that you retain. Then with what it recorded, it grades you on how you've applied what you learned in other tasks. The more you apply yourself, the higher grade you get and the more successful you become in actual life. And if you don't then the app deletes itself off your phone and you'll probably die a miserable death. Kinda cool huh?
Okay y'got me. It's not an iPhone app. Or any digital, electronic mobile phone application. Though, it's the only app you'll ever need. The Life Application. Everyday we feed ourselves and retain a lot of useful stuff. Whether we're in school or sitting at home watching television. A couple years ago I ran into a dude who saw me reading my bible and told me he's read that thing twice, front to back. And read the Qur'an and a bunch of religious books. I was pretty amazed so I asked him what he does? "So what're you, are you a leader of your.. place.. of, worship?" He said "No, I'm an atheist". 
So what was all that reading and researching for? He couldn't have just read that book to impress my 16 year old self sitting in a Starbucks. ha. The knowledge and the skills we retain are useless if we don't apply them. They just sit there and your mind just hoards it all. Today my friend Francebelle said "Well, aren't you good at everything?". Y'know what, I am. I'm good at everything I've applied myself in. 
So go try it, it's free. The Life App. - God is Love

Saturday, January 15, 2011

There's no room for excuses. Excuses are your minds limitations. If you're complaining about a lack of something in your life, you better be from a starving 3rd world country. Oh you're not? Then please.. excuse yourself. - God is Love

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tell Me Otherwise

Amidst all the whispering, the closed doors, the quiet rooms, the laughing. In between the fake trust, the fake friends, the fake promises. Above all the street revelations, the laggards and all the external. 
He stands with me.
He said, go out and be a fisher of men. He said, be the salt and the light. I am who I am. I'm not who I will be, but I will be who I'll become. Or so whatever He says. You can.. try, and tell me otherwise. - God is Love

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First of Fifteen


Freeze. A freeze frame of a girl telling me to freeze, and put my hands up. At least, that’s what my brain tells me. It’s funny how my brain associates this action with someone trying to stick me up. Someone trying to shoot me. Or, that this hand is replicating a gun. It could be so many other things. Like, a person counting to three with their hand out, or, an ad for someone who has arthritis and this picture is showing how they can’t do a proper “thumbs up”. I watched an episode of a show on family channel called “Life With Derek” and there was this one episode where the littlest sister was taught that Cows go “wooof” and ducks go “moooo”. What if, pointing your two fingers and sticking your thumb up at someone meant, “I Love You”. What if flippin’ off someone with a middle finger meant “Have a nice day!”. WHAT IF, I started to point my fingers replicating a gun at people while saying “I Love You”. What if I did this so much, that one day, a person who see’s this exact image decides to put this on a hallmark card. And beside all the hearts, and flowers, and pinks, and reds and riddles and jokes and candy and butterflies and kisses, there sits this image. In the middle of it all. And someone picks up this card and puts it in a bouquet of flowers and gives it to their loved one and opens the card with this image, turns their head to the person that gave it to them and says “I Love You too”. 
It’s habitual. This hand motion doesn’t have to symbolize a gun. It could symbolize anything you want it to be.
Like a person counting to 3 with their hand out, or, an ad for someone who has arthritis and this picture is showing how they can’t do a proper “thumbs up”. I watched an episode of a show on family channel....- God is Love 


My friend Due, brought up an idea of meeting up, and going into a book and picking out a word and writing about that word for 15 minutes. So we did. The next day we did the same thing, but with images. We sent each other images and for 15 minutes we wrote about what image we sent each other. This was the first image he sent me. And that, up there, is what I wrote. Enjoy. Thanks a lot to my friend Due who brought this idea up and.. Yeah, more about myself and Due's mindventures soon.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gone & Came

Filter. Selfish. Me. You and I. Ambition. Hard, work. Gone. &. Came. ?uck the world, middle finger attitude. 
I left the last 9 years in the last 9 years. And decided not to bring any of it with me into 2010. All I took was a backpack, a camera, my laptop and and pocket full of ambition. It doesn't take, a new year, a new place, new people to become a new you. It just takes, you. I'm not who I once was. But I am who I am. I'm not who I will be, but I will be who I'll become. I came and gone in 2009. I gone and came in 2010.
There will be no difference between this year, and the next, and the next. 2010 was about Me. Filtering my life. Getting rid of my selfishness. Him and me. Her and I. Knowing that every word has an action. Every ambition, has a purpose, every purpose has a drive that brings me to life. Purpose Driven Life. And nothing beats, hard, work. 
It's all good, it's already understood. I'll be rollin' through the town, two fingers up, put one down, cause I don't five a ?uck. ?uck the world, middle finger attitude. I'm here to do it. - God is Love