Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rough Draft..."Hope Is"

Hey, have you seen my keys? Anybody seen my keys?! Some of you may know that I'm prone to leaving my keys in the ignition. I'm sure most of us have misplaced keys, wallets, purses etc. I forget where I put stuff all the time, but someone told me that when I lose something, I should close my eyes, remember when I last had it, who was there at the time and then just call one of them and ask them if they know where it is. The last thing we should lose is our Hope. Alot of people are worried about not having enough faith, but even the bible says that Faith is the substance of things
Hoped for. So if we have hope than we have a womb that faith can grow. 
We should always look forward to our tomorrows, even if we've lost hope in today. With all this extra noise and amatuer politics going on in our lives, we sometimes lose sight of hope with the disappointments and hardships that we face but I hope we smile through it. Most people sulk in their hopeless end, but we should be doing backflips in our endless hope.
If you lose your hope, do what I do...Close your eyes, Remember the last time you had it, Picture the people that were with you, and Call one of the them even if they're in Heaven, they can hear you. Hope is Eternal. I hope the best for each of you. - God is...Hope. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rough Draft..."Find Yours"

In some way or another, we're all in it for the chase. The chase of money, the chase of relationships, the chase of success etc. These distorted impulse make us want more, want a continuous taste of pure hapiness. But we're chasing for the wrong purposes, running for the wrong team. 
We want an overflow of GT's and no dram's, haha, to put it all in one word, we want 'Heaven'. We put our hopes in things that don't measure up with the satisfactions of heaven, that's why we always seek for more despite how much we have already. Eternal impulses don't mix well with temporal treasures. I believe that we should put our efforts of hapiness, in things that are more real, and less material. Things we can't touch, but can be felt. In things that we truly love, and not just like. The cure to our pursuit of hapiness, is a divine balm, not an impatient scratch. Feel me? 
Look for heaven where heaven is in your life, my writing, this blog, is my heaven. Even still it gives no match to the real thing, it's a healthier way in my life to achieve the perfection I've always longed for, and will soon attain. Where's your heaven? - God is Love 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rough Draft..."Something to Live By"

An early morning text message read "Hapiness is a Choice" on a friends cell phone. I mind-mapped that phrase in my head for a couple days and I came to a conclusion that being happy isn't the choice to be made, it's the complete opposite. Sadness is a choice. 
I really wanted to elaborate on my thoughts, my reasons why I think the other way on this one, maybe throw in an analogy or something, maybe work out some "deep" technical lines that people might quote on my comment box, but all I really have to say, and all everyone has to understand is...


That's all there is to it. We choose to feel sad, because we're to frustrated to accept that there's positives in any situation. Hapiness isn't a choice, it's life. - God is Love

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rough Draft..."Can I Hold Your Hand?"

Hold your hand. Hold my hand. Holding hands. Held my hand. Held your hand. Holding your hand. Holding my hand. 

"It you know, It. The big picture. The Beatles. Look, other bands they want to make thier first single about sex or pain, but y'know The Beatles had it all figured out okay, I wanna hold your hand, thier first single, brilliant right? See that's what everybody wants, they don't want a 24 hour hump sesh, they don't want to be married to you for 100 years...They just, want to hold your hand"

Some of us don't realize the underlying significance of something as simple as holding someones hand. Think about all the moments that we have to hold someone elses hands...When we pray in a group we say "Let's all join hands", when people get married, when we're dating someone, when someone is feeling down they need a shoulder to cry on, and hand to hold. We hold hands to represent unity. When we shake our homies hands for that couple seconds, we're holding eachothers hands, to represent our unity and our bond with eachother. We hold hands in trust, to one another, whether it be during a scary movie or grabbing onto spider mans hands when dangling off the side of a building. Some of us don't really think about how holding someones hand, can change or reassure, or comfort people. Sometimes, all we really need, is to hold someones hand. 

So just, hold my hand will'yuh? - God is Love