Thursday, July 16, 2009

Borrow My Mind..."Open"

Close, open, close, open, close, open and close, open....

Sorry, I've been at school for a minute but since I'm working the evening shifts now, I got some time to stay up and write again. Thank the Lord. I might have lost a few readers but for those of you who have randomly checked up on my blog I thank you so much, to the deepest most genuine part of my heart I thank you. And if I'm thanking noone, then I thank you, the person who is reading this sentence right now. 

When I was a kid, opening my hand meant I was getting a slap with a slipper. When I got a bit older it meant a hand fortune trick that invloved a house, witha swimming pool. Up a few years til now opening my hand meant that someone else was going to hold it. 

You know when you look at something, like a picture, you may think it looks alright or even really bad but once you photoshop it a little bit, it turns out to be a great picture. Like how I believe that all pictures look better in a Black and White. haha. I looked at my hand, closed fist, open palm. Close fist, open palm. The only thing I could think of when it was close was a punch in the face. But that's just me I guess. Or giving a "pound". Before we give pounds we open our hands in a handshake first. But anyway, I tried to think symbols or analogies for "open" and I came up with alot. Alot that I'm not going to say, haha but here's a quick one. We give and receive. Open handedly(not even a word), Open mindedly, and Open heartedly give ourselves to the eachother, to the world, to God and we recieve gifts, from our friends, and blessings from being Open. Nothings going to come in or come out, if we're so closed from everything. I'm not saying to live your life like an Open book, so they say, but do like the filipino baby trick...."Close, open, close open, close, open and close open"..- God is Love and Love right now, is studying. Catch ya'll in a minute. 

Borrow My Mind..."7 Pounds"

I know you're happy, and I'm so happy to see you growing. Not literally. hahah. 

In moments of weakness, I hope you keep calling me to give you an ounce of strength. 

No words, No, thing, could ever match what you've given me, and what you're going to give me. Your Love is enough, but you give me more than I need. 

If I needed a place to stay, could you give me one? If I needed a job, could you hook it up? I'm glad I never had to call upon those favors but I'm happier both your answers were yes. SD for life. 

You don't even need me to tell you what to do, you got it, you just have to be more confident, than conscious. Y'know I got you. 

Simply unexplainable. In one way or another, I'll always, always love you. 

- God Is Love