Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Switch to Organic

I walked into that grade 8 mixer like I'm finna dance. You know how there's that one kid in your grade or at your high school that could really dance. That day, I intended to be that dude. So as soon as the circle broke out I was in it. And after I wooed the crowd with the harlem shake and the c-walk I decided I was gonna go home early. But before I could leave, a girl whom I've never seen before came asked me if I wanted to dance. Looking at her, without hesitation I said.. "Yeah?" It was a slow song. Dilemma. Nelly, Kelly Rowland. I don't remember if I had talked to her through the whole song, or even made eye contact with her. But as soon as the song ended she started to walk out the gym. So I ran after her, and grabbed her arm and said "wow.. uhhm.. I didn't catch your name..?" She told me her name and she kept walking. And I stood there by the door, repeating her name under my breathe. I swear, I couldn't sleep that night. I just wanted the next day to start already so I can get to school and see this girl. I didn't even talk to her, I've never even seen her at school before. But this girl already had me losing sleep. So the next day I went over to where all us 8th graders hung out and I saw her sitting there. The best thing about being in 8th grade and liking someone, is that we don't care about anything. You like that person. You ask them out to be your girlfriend/boyfriend right away. Even if you haven't talked to them at all. So after school, I asked her out. And we went ice-skating. and we held hands. Long story short, we broke up 2 weeks later. She cried in social studies behind her textbook. But a week later she was making out with my best friend in the hallway. 
Well, to get to my point.. these days, it's hard to meet someone organically. Some people will be confident enough to ask for your name then add you on facebook and look at all your pictures and mutual friends and figure out if they want to talk to you or not. Whatever happened to.. let's get some coffee? Or.. let's just have a long ass conversation about life and everything in it right here right now who cares if I have a dentist appointment at 4 kinda meeting. Whatever happened to.. "I'll see ya around".. leaving it to chance that maybe you just might see them again. It might cost a bit more, we might have to wait a bit longer but it's worth it to switch to organic. - God is Love
the picture above is that girl from the grade 8 mixer. ha. It's her birthday today. Which is kind of why i wrote this. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why is that when someone of mass popularity says something that's been said for hundreds of years, say it today. It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Read the bible, I swear, it's all in there. - God is Love 

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Cool

Cool, is redefined through life. The generalization of it at least. All of us individually have our own definition of what "cool" is but generally, our take, and our look on what's cool moves with our time, our generation and what we're doing with our time and our generation. I believe, integrity, is what's cool. Our being able to stay consistent through our everyday. Through our actions, our values and morals. To stay grounded in our beliefs. Which then defines how real of a person we are to stay consistent with our actions, though admit our mistakes. Which then leads us to our respectability. The story of our lives isn't all what's cool, it's also how we've told that story. - God is Love

Saturday, June 18, 2011

There's no other way I'd be left standing but be standing to the left of you. - God is Love

Friday, June 17, 2011

Leave a tip

All these "Bro-tips" and rules of a gentlemen and any other random anecdotes to a way a man or woman should live by or take into consideration is all baloney to me. They're great. But they're no different than a 24 or Metro newspaper horoscope or a fortune cookie at Hons. They're either things we already know or generalizations. But personal relationships, are situational. And nothing that you read on the internet, or in a newspaper or a fortune cookie is going to tell you how to handle it. We all have manners. We all know what's right from wrong. Everything else, we learn through it. Isn't that the best part about about getting to know someone? Learning who they are. I really wish most young people start to do things more organically, rather than electronically. You don't know someone until you sit down and have a conversation with them, not after you've looked through 84 pages of their tumblr archive. There's a "tip" for ya. - God is Love

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Decision

It's either, you give something up, or you work harder. It's not a hard decision. - God is Love 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ain't No Mountain High

taken at Cleveland Damn in North Vancouver by Me, Donnel Barroso

What you can go through, you can go over. 
We don't always have to go through certain things because life tells us to. It doesn't make us any less of people if we haven't been through a heartbreak, prisoned, depressed etc. I'm all about life experience, but some things we don't need to go through to make us stronger. Learning from others' experience, whether it be a friend or even in television is good enough for us to know we don't have to or want to go through pain. It takes just as much courage, strength, wisdom and heart to be a better person to not have to go through those situations. It takes just as much, to get over the mountain, than to go through it. - God is Love