Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Pretty eventful year I must say. I don't really do these year end blogs but since it's 1am and I'm home alone on the first hour of the new year I might as well. I don't have any New Years resolutions because I don't really beleive in them. Why wait for a whole New Year to do something when you could've started when you realized it? Just saying. I don't really want to do that right now, I wanted to just thank God for everything He's done for this past year and these past couple of weeks especially. He's blessed me with so many things and given me the oppurtunities to better succeed myself in my lifes path. I thank him for Graduation especially, probably the biggest thing of 2007. Highschool graduation. I miss all ya'll poeples I used to be around in highschool, ya'll was fresh. Hopefully I'd get to see some of ya'll soon. I thank God for my....girlfriend. Yeah, ya'll knew that was coming. I want to thank her for being as patient with me as I am with her. I thank God for the zero fights we've had for this past 6 months we've been together. I wanna thank Him for the friends I got now and thank Him for the oppurtunity to go back to school this week, on te 7th. DOUGLAS!! I'm sure I missed some more stuff but He knows.

For 2008, I'm just gonna keep doing what I've been doin' right, and keep fixing what I've been doing wrong, and get right back on track with Him and my faith 'cause I haven't been doin' a great job of that this year. But I'm trying. I hope I meet more new poeple and keep listening to Gods plan for me and hopefully I will be lead in the right path and be exactly where He wants me to be. That's all folks. Have a great year.