Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She works at the Coffee Shop

“Orange pekoe tea?” 
She knows, because I’ve been coming here for the past, 3 years. She’s only been working here for 10 months. I’ve worked in coffee shops for years myself, so of course her co-workers would tell her about the dude in the black toque and glasses that comes in everyday to get an orange pekoe tea. So, everyday when I walk in she asks me “Orange pekoe tea?”. As if she didn’t already know. But she asks, just in case I wanted to get something different. I said .. “You look tanned. How could you possibly be getting a tan if you’re stuck in this coffee shop everyday?”. It sounded pretty mean but she laughed. I took my tea and sat at a window seat. Cause y’know, that’s what writers do, we sit near windows and look out of them to get inspired. Pft, please. If you’re wondering if this, coffee shop, girl is pretty, well, yeah, she is. I have a problem with staring at beautiful girls straight in the face..
I may not know the details of her face, or the way she smiles or the colour of her eyes.. but I do know how to make her laugh. And how she laughs. I know her hands. That almost touch mine when she hands me my white cup’o tea. She likes to wear big sweaters, as do I. She pulls up her sleeves which it makes it look even more over sized. I know what shoes she’s wearing when she walks around. In the summer she wears these cowboy boots that stomp against the hardwood floors. It makes her look tall, and she wears sneakers in the fall. That make her look small. I stopped coming here for a while when I didn’t have a job because the prices here weren’t as cheap as her monday jeans. Or as fit to my wallet as her tuesday tights. But when I could spare a $2.67, she told me she only works from 1-7, I go out and buy me a, 
“Orange Pekoe Tea?”... 
“I’ll have a Chai today..” - God is Love

Friday, August 27, 2010


He picks his nose. Even when people are looking. Sometimes. He rides a blue mountain bike to school with a helmet, with foam cut out of a shark fin attached to the top. He describes himself as weird, soft-spoken and computer savvy. He's fun though, he's fun... like, alone in your room playing video games type fun. Still, fun, nonetheless. He thinks maybe it's cause he dresses weird or maybe it's his hobby, or his retainers, or maybe even how he drags his feet when he walks so the bottom of his jeans get all frayed. He said he could play sports. "But I don't like sports". He's big enough to be a lineman on the football team. "But I don't like football". 

"I like, archery, I like jousting. I like playing ages of empire in my room. I wish I could be a knight. I like arts section at chapters and the world history section. I like, I like... I like girls. That's why, I want to be made into... a ladies man" 
"I mean, he's sort of a dork, doesn't really hang out with a lot of people" 
"I don't know.. a ladies man?" 
He wants a date to the prom. Who doesn't want a date to the prom. 
"I got a secret text message to meet after school in my own room. So when the bell rung I hurried home. When I got home there was a note on the mirror, it read" 
Look in this mirror, and say "Hey, I'm your made coach".. 
People are suppose to like you for who you are. No one needs to tell you who's made for you. No one needs to teach you how to talk to the Megan Fox's of the world. Unless Megan Fox is into, archery.. and jousting and ages of empire.. cause then.. that would really mean that you got it MADE. - God is Love

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sealed from Donnel Barroso on Vimeo.

Just a short I made. The track behind this is the intro from Rick Ross' "Tears of Joy". Which is an excerpt from Bobby Seale's "Tears of Joy" speech. (I'm not sure if it's actually called The Tears of Joy speech) Anyway, Bobby Seale along with Huey P. Newton co-founded the Black Panthers movement. 
I was really inspired by Marco Brambilla's exhibit. He's also responsible or creating Kanye West's latest "Power" video. I don't have a straight explanation for this. It means something different to me every time I watch it. Thanks for the view. Hope you guys are had a great summer as it's coming to a close. - God is Love  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boys & Girls

Boy Meets Girl 

Boy really likes her. Boy's fallin' in love, nothing can come between it. But Girl kinda likes him. So every time she see him she leaves him heartbroken cause Boy's soft spoken, so, girl manipulates him from make up to break up cause Boy ain't got his cake up. He, can't take her shoppin' so, Boy is self-concious and every little bit he get he's emptyin' his pockets. But she don't see a future with him cause, Girl is kinda stuck up but through all of that bitching, Boy still loves her. And Boy is still committed but Girl ain't with it, so she don't visit that much. And he ain't got a whip so, they ain't get to kick it. Boy misses Girl but Girl stays distant. Phone call shorter than a midget, now he get's it. But he can't let go. And everytime Girl tries to end it, Boy tries to fix it. Boy's trying to stick it out, Girl's trying to kick him out, but Boy is trying to figure out, how to make it work. 'Cause Boy ain't never had love, but she ain't really have love so they ain't never had love. She's pretending like it hurts her to leave him, Girl's crying while listing her reasons, believing all that shit she's shoveling. Love is dying. 

Boy meets Girl. 

Girl really likes him. Boy say the same, but that ain't quite the case, see, cause lately, he act like, maybe it can't be. Girl put him back right, next to the Ex's. But he keep messin' with her cause he really dig her but not enough to me her main nigguh. Just enough to dig her out. Boy don't ever say it whenever she kick it with him, so she considers him hers but never figures it out. He don't see a future with her cause, Boy's kinda fucked up. Through all of the usin', Girl still loves him. But she ain't in his sight so whenever she around it's only on late nights. So, Boy keeps dickin' her and and Girl gets addicted. Girl's still down but he don't want her around whenever his boys visit to kick it so now she gets it. But can't let go cause, girl thinks she could fix it. Cause Girl wants to be his only, Boy wants to be the homie, but Girl is lonely and bonin' would just make it worse cause, Girl ain't really like that and he don't really like her and she ain't into nightcaps and having casual sex ain't connectin so Girl is second guessing on why she kept him. Believing all that shit he told her. 
- God is love 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Break

must admit, I've been busy. And this heat is just too damn hot to write in... but when this heatwave is over, I got a lot to share. Have a great last weeks of summer ya'll - God Is Love

Friday, August 13, 2010

I can't eat this all by myself!!

If I was standing alone in a desert, I wouldn’t be the type to take a cactus needle and pinch my own blood out of my hand so I could write on a leaf about my current position. Because I can’t do this alone. Being in my room with my journal and macbook ready to be written in just isn’t my style. I hate it when it’s quiet. If I was the only one left on this earth I would, just die. But if there was one person on the other side of the planet, thinking they were the last person on this earth too? Well then.. I’d take a knife and drag it up my leg and write about a girl who loved hype, more than life. And write about a past love that I can’t get passed. I’d carve faces into boulders and maybe that person on the other side of the world would pass by. And wonder if there’s someone else out there. When that person and I find each other, it’ll be... shit, it’ll be great.
I don’t write for myself. I write so that other people may feel what I had felt. And tell me about how they feel. And how I could cope with my feeling, or encourage my feeling. Tell me if they feel bad, or tell me if they just burst with hapiness. 
I prepare a meal of words because I love to write.. but I don’t cook dinner for a million.. and eat alone. 
Have a seat. - God is Love

Monday, August 9, 2010


Stand for something. Or something will Stand in the way of what you could've stood for. And if you don't Stand for something in this life, let me ask you, what are you good for? I have no problem with thousands of people bending down on thier knees to pray, but if you Stand straight up, it's a little bit easier for God to hear what you're trying to say. You've already fallen for the sickness of jelousy, hatred and envy. Well, if you Stand for what you don't know, then why don't you Stand for what you believe. Stand for honour, your honour, I don't need to Stand and testify, you see I've taken and Stand and testified that taking a Stand was the best thing I've ever done in my life. I took a Stand against wrong, so I could Stand to do something right. And if you are Standing in my way, it's time that Stand aside. My mother once taught me that "can't" was not a word and "ain't" was not a verb and if I didn't Stand for what I said, I'd fall for what I heard. She told me, "you don't need anybody's help, you can Stand all by yourself" and "if you can't Stand on your own, you'll have to Stand on something else". Either you Stand by your words, or you Stand all by yourself. Alot of us, we're just on standby, just Standing by, letting life pass us by, and I'm not understanding why. Are you just an innocent bystander? Or are you just standing by? We lose the approval of God by seeking the applause of man. So, make your minds and plans, hold on with your hands, get on your own two legs and Stand. For something, or fall for anything. But if you find something to Stand for, you won't fall for many things. You may understand alot, but you cannot Stand for anything. And you can't Stand against the same you Stand for, and you can't Stand anything less if you can't Stand for anymore. Equality, Jesus, Family, Prosperity, those are some of the things I Stand for, but I can't Stand those people who are not against nor neither for, man, take a Stand...be either or. Either against, or either for. And once you find something in your heart to be eager for, then you Stand. Because your Stand, is your platform. Your life beings on it, Stand like your life depends on it and get ready for the war. Don't hold steady, go forward, straight ahead...^that way^..hold your hands up, look straight ahead...^that way^...and when it seems hard. Man, you just see God. And that way, whatever your problem, it'll be solved, that day. You give it to God, that day and that way, whatever problem or your situation, whatever circumstance you're facing, whatever dream that you're chasing, whatever oppurtunity that you've wasted...it won't hinder your progress.  Because His word, it Stands as his promise and that's just what He sees in you. So whatever it means to you, however important or unimportant it might seem to you, put on the armour of God, and let him lead in you. Know that I believe in you, and then all you need to do...is Stand. - God is Love

I know, I wrote this in '06 and re-posted it onto this blog in '08. And now, here in '10.. I'm still, standing.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I wanna die on top of the world

laughin' with my favorite girl. - god is love

Have a great weekend ya'll. I'm off to take my youth to CAMP nigguhhh. If ya'll aren't doin' anything, come out to ROCK THE RIVER concert in cloverdale! It's gonna be a blessed day. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fix You

Since HST kicked in I've been hearing so many jokes and complaints  about how their meal was an extra 76 cents because of HST. I'm an avid tweeter, I admit. Though I'm not ashamed. ha. When I get on, half the the tweets are complaints about irritable people or circumstances that are causing them to stress. We often ask for the things that are threatening our well-being to fix themselves, we want things to fix things but we never for once think to fix, ourselves. We want everyone else to run on our plans, be less irritable, cost less, help more because we're all kings and queens of our own small tiny universe. 
But that's not the case, and should never be. 
Instead of asking everything and everyone around us to change, why don't we ourselves make one. Or a couple. Don't ask for someone to be less irritable, ask that you may be more patient. Don't complain about 76 cents, go get an education or get a job that pays you more if that's the case. DO SOMETHING, about your lives that are beneficial for yourself and for everyone around you. You can be like everyone else and stand their ground and not change for anything and when stress comes around again you'll be complaining and crying until you've done and sacrificed everything just to see the light of day. 
Are you going to slow down on the sharp turns?.. or are you gonna stay 200mph.. right, into, that, wall. - God is Love

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror" - you already know

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We go back

to the things we love - God is Love