Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rough Draft..."Everyday"

I'm the type of person that can spend hours on end with myself, take 500 pictures of one thing, learn a song on the guitar, and play and sing it, in 5 different ways. I haven't been spending alot of time with myself lately, and that's what I used to be all about. I thank my alone time for all these cool blogs I've written up out of nowhere. Cause when we're by ourselves, with only ourselves, our thoughts, our opinions and understandings, We better filter out our negative thoughts, about our negative opinions to better understand, ourselves. Poeple talk about how they want to "get away" from things. I believe we don't have to go that far. The confines of our own bedrooms or our own house, a random coffee shop, even our downtown streets are all great get-aways, because it's not the outer surroundings that need to change, it's our surroundings that do. If you're not the loner type like me, I guess you can bring a friend, and do something out of the "norm". Doing something we don't usually do, not only makes it memorable, it gives us a refreshed feeling, that we try to incorporate going back to our everyday. Just for one day, get away, from our everyday, so our get away, can be just like any other day. Everyday. -God is Love...I remember. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rough Draft..."The Roots"

Going back to my "he said she said" blog, this I guess would be a spin off of it. I believe that we blow things out of proportion when it comes to dealing with issues. I blame television. Cause everything always plays out like an episode of "One Tree Hill" or something. The thing is, people talk, it's what we do best. But sometimes we get a little bit carried away. The more people talk about an issue, the more opinons formulate, and false solutions to whatever it is. In the end of it all, we really have no say in what the outcome is. Even if you're Dr.Phil, his opinion doesn't matter, unless it's wanted to matter. The only people that can solve the problem are the people in it. If our advice or help is asked for, help them, not the situation. That person isn't going to want to take certain chances, if they don't feel reassured it's going to help. Leave all the extra noise in your head, and help that person be still, amidst frustration. Water the roots, to help them grow - God is Love

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rough Draft..."If I was a Top-Notch Writer"

If I was a top notch writer I'd write a blog so deep the ocean'll get jelous. Make my readers give me that "shakey hand" props thing that we do whenever someone does something cool. You know? Writing so profound they might have to include in the Bible. Ha. Nah, maybe in the dictionary, next to the word profound. I'll write some ?hit so deep that it'll make me say "?hit, that was deep". Analogies so farfetch'd that it'd make it seem likely and less imaginative. ha. 
If I was a top notch writer I'd write a blog so free, it's make clepto's stop stealing. Make my readers get lost in the organization of my thoughts that they'd go back and say "?hit that was deep". Writing so fresh that they wouldn't call it "free verse" anymore but they'd call it "Donnel Verse" or "readingisfree verse". Something stupid I thought up. Words so relaxed, you can feel the knots in your muscles untangle as you read it, and you do that thing when you've held your neck in a single position for a long time and you rotate your head around and roll your shoulders. 
If I was I top notch writer I'd write a blog so open that you'd know my lIfe's testimony. Make my readers get in touch with thier feelings as they're feeling mine, you feel me? I'd tell you what I had for lunch, what toothpaste I brush with, the frustrations of my life, photo albums of my dog, and the truths as if it were a drunkfession. Word out my life, from the inside out, so maybe I'll impact you, from the inside, out. 
If I was a top notch writer I'd...Write. - God is Love and I love Writing. 

Great Love to Linton Kwesi Johnson. Thank You. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rough Draft..."Say What's Real"

Disagree with me or not but I believe Soulja Boy is currently one of the greatest artists of this generation. Hate on his music if you will, but you can't take away the fact he made 10 million dollars on "Crank Dat", a song that he made on the free demo version of FL studio. I have that demo version of FL studio, and I don't have 10 million dollars in my bank. Every artist out there deserves some respect, even it's someone like Soujah Boy. They got signed for a reason, and maybe that big record company pressure and molding has got them to shadow some of their great talent, then it's not our right to critiscize thier music. 
I believe most hip-hop heads these days have preconcieved notions on what hip hop is. Kanye West couldn't have said it better on "The Wake Up Show" when he stated that people try and put rules on hip hop, that true hip hop has to be this and that, when hip hop in the first place was all about breaking the rules. Sure, maybe Flo-Rida isn't as lyrical as Black Thought, but that doesn't take away his ability to rhyme or his talent. So I just want to give respect due to all those mainstream artists that get hate, because they make snap-yo-fingaz-booty-bouncin'-hood-hoppin-chain-blinging music, because even if thier music sounds like crap to you, the artist isn't. If you ask me, Hip Hop's always been alive, it's us that's got it in a chokehold, so let that ?hit breathe...- God is Love and I Love Hip Hop. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rough Draft..."Beat around the Gibberish"

When I was a little kid I used to speak alot of that "goo-goo-ga-ga" type nonsense. My parents didn't have a clue what I was saying, nor did they know who I was talking to. I'd speak long sentences of this stuff and sometimes I wonder, when I look at other little kids, or babys like that, if they actually know what they're saying. Sometimes when I talk to my a baby cousins, I'll catch that one actual word in the sentence and it'll be something like, 'hahsfd jkshdfe jshdfoes lwris milk jsdjfak'. It's like a parody of those chinese translations in movies, where the guy says a really long sentence in chinese but it only means two words. I know in that long sentence of "baby gibb", all those other words around the word 'milk' have to mean something. 
Even now, as well spoken and articulate we may be, we still talk alot of gibberish. Not alot of people speak straight to the point, rather, fancy our conversation with big words and analogys and stories, that make a simple "sorry", into a red carpet of all sorry's. 
Which has lead me to writing shorter entries, as much as I'd like to analyze my thoughts in explanations, I'd rather keep it simple. Lead you straight to the goods, only making important pit stops. So, maybe without all that extra noise, we'll all be able to hear, the Good News. - God is Love

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rough Draft..."Maternity Leave"

Like my faith, I'm going to be born-again. I'm cocooning my life so maybe my life would be as open as the options in it. FOr now, I'm putting those options on hold, for a period alot less than 9 months, to rest, and be still, and let God eliminate the roads That I should not travel. 
Like a "G to a Gent", I want to make a change. I don't wish to come out of this womb, looking and feeling the same. I'm not coming out, premature, unevolved and unshaken by the words, actions, and people that inspire my change. "This is that obama type of change". 
Like an Immigrant coming to america, I want a new life. I have goals I need to acheive. Dreams to chase. In a world that is unknown as the languages and the faces on my block. 
Like a soon-to-be mother, I'm taking a maternity leave. From my currrent situations, To dismiss future frustrations, and through these tribulations, I come out refined, as Gold. 

-God is Love