Sunday, July 27, 2008

He said, She said

People talk. That's what people do best. Really, who doesn't enjoy talking? Well, I think I know a couple who don't but for the most part, talking it pretty enjoyable, even to yourself, for some people. I never used to be really in tune of what was going on outside of my personal network, I was always outside the box and never really questioned anything. I never really wanted to know things. Now that I'm in this "box" it's been non-stop useless info. ( That's why today I decided to watch a documentary on the seven wonders of the world, haha) 
Pretty much, It's fun to talk about stuff like that I guess, I just choose to not absorb it, or to pass it on, cause then I'm gonna be filling someone elses mind with useless information. Or I could tell them about machu pichu or the great wall of china? Yeah? Yeah? haha. Keepin' it plan. - God Is Love

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So, what now?

It feels as if so much has happened from the last time I blogged. There's just too much to write about. Well, first, I should've had a blog for the past 4 days but my macbook broke. Yeah, they break, believe it. haha. Right when I was getting in the mood to blog I didn't have my laptop. I was too lazy to write so I tried to keep it all in my head and this is what I can recall. 
Concerning my best friend... You don't know how much you care. You care too much for me and I think I should start caring for you back. Nothing gives me the right to act how I have to you. I know for the time we were together I had to try and "get" things for you and meet your demands. You were being selfish but so what, I needed you. With that, It doesn't give me any reason to act the same way you did, and you know I need my space, and you've done a good job giving it to me. I know it's a bit frustrating because sometimes I want you in my space and other times I want you out, but please understand me. I can't always have you around, even though I want you to be. I love you okay? 
I think I've lost track of where I'm suppose to be going, I think I keep making a lot of wrong moves which put me in situations where I don't want to be in. I trust that I'll be on the right path soon. School's is almost here. Yeah I said the "S" word. I just want to get back on the grind and get my head in the books again. So I can hide myself in my life of work and school. So I can go back to blogging about work and school. Work and school. Church and school. Work, church and school. Then my friends. My friends and work. My friends at work. This summer has been fulfilling and life considering experience. I know there's still like a good month and a half before School actually starts but I think I'm done with everything. I just want to cool out. My summer's at it's peak, and I just want it to plateau and slowly dwindle down. I'm sure I'll do a summer recap I guess this is just a teaser but right now I just wanted to get something poste before I'd get too lazy and disappear. Peace. - God is Love

Friday, July 11, 2008

You get what you ask for

I've been asking for this for the past two months, and I asked for a signs, and I finally got one. Right when I thought, "I'm coming back", something happens that forces me to think otherwise. To tell you the truth, I was so ready to go back that I wasn't ready to leave again. It's funny how the script flips on you. But hey, I asked for this right. I have to play with the hand that I dealt to myself. I asked for her to realize those things, I asked for my space, I asked that if it was really us, then what would a time of seperation have an affect on us? Just sucks thinking about it. What can I really do now? Nothing I guess. I guess I can't get mad over her sketchyness, I guess I don't have to really care so much about the things she does. 'Cause that doesn't faze me right? No matter how much I tell myself that it's over, and it really is, regardless if we're not together, I still have to stop liking her. 
On a lighter note, thanks for sticking with it for year. I knew it was, really up and down alot but I'm really thankful for you. You know all that already. I don't have to tell you, just look in your inbox. haha. I know things won't be the same, and I won't feel as comfortable with you for a little bit, but, it's because I lost something in you. but it's cool, i guess I'll get it back sometime. Keep my stuff. It's all for you. I'll hold your heart, and I'll take care of it for a while. Cool? - God is love

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Aint no sunshine when she's gone...

I don't really read other peoples blogs, Not that I don't think their lives aren't as interesting as mine, I just don't. I went around yesterday and read peoples blogs, just browsing, and reading what people are up to and what clever epiphony they've chosen to add in as a general "life lesson" by so and so. You know one those boy meets world type of quotes like "Lose one friend, Lose all friends, Lose yourself...". I've come to a conclusion, that when people blog, a secret personality comes out while they type that makes themselves sound witty and clever, which makes thier blogs sound like they've been thinking deeply about their lives, but really, it's that horoscope reading feeling that brings out the sudden deep thoughts. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll breifly explain. Horiscopes are just general assumptions that don't have any specific reason. They dont tell the future, it doesn't foreshadow your destiny. It's actually all you. haha. That 1 hour of 5 minutes of you blogging, you sort of come up with a horoscope in your head, which coincidentally, relates to your life situations?! Then we're all like, "Shit yo, that was deep" then we go on typing. I give mad props to those people that blog shit like, parents divorcing, or that they smoked weed all day. I'm not putting down people that don't blog like that, cause that witty clever shit is dope, and fun to read. But being totally transparent to people that you don't even know, is raw stuff. It's the realest thing you'll ever read, some people blog straight up "fuck my life etc etc. this is why" some people channel thier lives through peoms, or stories or my favorite, in 3rd person. It's not only the bad things, if it's something as little as, "chyea I got my first job today" then say that shit. We don't need horoscopes, We don't need our life lessons, We need your life. Maybe I'm just a harcore blogger, saying what it is, I'm not bashing anyone, or telling anyone how to write blogs, cause there isn't, you're free to write whatever it is you feel, you're feelings are real, now you know mine. - God is Love. 

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