Friday, March 30, 2012

Notes 18 "Story Love"

I believe there's a difference between love stories, and stories about love.. to be continued - God is Love

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Notes 17 "WOAH"

Two things happened to me the past two days that have made me extremely happy.. 
1. One of my favourite photographer/person in Vncvr asked me if my girlfriend and I could participate in one of her long running photography series, the "Switcheroo". I've been following her work since I picked up a camera, I might even say her photographs is one reason that actually inspired me to pick it up. 
2. My FAVOURITE brand of footwear featured my photograph on their blog site! - God is Love

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Notes 16

Never seek recognition. Act because what you do is what you love and what is right. I get to points with myself where I question whether I'm not working hard enough, or if my work just sucks, and why other people are more recognized than I am. 
Just before this post I tweeted "Scottie Pippen". And shortly after a friend of mine replied "Shoot bro... One of the best #legend". I could expand on that, but the point is, whatever you do.. whether it's your 9-5 job, school, career, blog, dance, whatever it is.. Do it because you love to do it, life isn't a popularity contest. Work, study, write, blog, dance for the love, and for you.. and if you're busting your ass and working hard at what you do, People will see that. People will see you in your work. And they'll respect that. Respect is far greater than recognition. Better recognize that. - God is Love

Monday, March 12, 2012

Notes 15 "Right or Wrong"

Who, what, when, where, why. Something I've had trouble doing in my life is asking questions. I don't know why. People always say there are no stupid questions. That is what I don't think I have trouble with. I think what I have trouble with is, the saying "There are no wrong answers". But when I ask a question, there's always a right or wrong answer. Maybe I'm afraid the answer I get, isn't right, or wrong? So when I get asked questions, will my answers be right? or wrong? I guess, it's not about the the answer itself. I guess it's what we do with that answer, that determines the facts- God is Love