Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Feeling

My most favourite place, Bose & Sons old Farm
I do location scouting for music videos, films and mostly just for myself. Some places I see while I drive by  them and go see them later. Some, I stumble upon while cruising on longboard or walking down railways. The best feeling I get when taking photo's of and at these places I find isn't the act of finding.. it's when I get there and completely blank out on all creativity. Everything I know about photography goes away. Forget about composition, forget about angles, forget about everything. And I just have my camera in my hand and I'm jumping rocks, walking through tunnels, running across fields just shooting away at anything that catches my eye. I could just sit in these places for hours, with not a thought in my mind. It's not the photographs, it's The Feeling. - God is Love

Why I'm Not Seeing Lauryn Hill

It's, not 'cause I can't afford it. I can. Worth it really. It's not cause I'm working that day, or have something else to do or not going to be in the city. It's actually because.. I don't want to. Yeah boi, I'm crazy. Probably the one and only time she'll be in my very own backyard of downtown Vancouver, I'm not, I don't want to see her. This might sound stupid to some of you but I don't want to see her cause I'm expecting.. Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Zion - Sister Act 2 - That Thing - Just like Water - Lauryn fuggin' Hill. It might sound ignorant to say, that I want that. But she's just not the same to me. Watching her set at Coachella that my friend mentioned, was, cool. Of course. But if it's anything like what I'm going to see in my city.. If that's what she's gonna give tens of thousands of people.. what is she going to give a couple hundred. What I'm feelin' is best described in this question.. Would you rather see Michael Jordan play during his Chicago Bulls Era.. or.. with the Washington Wizards..? - God is Love
PS. Everyone who is going though, let me know how it goes! I hope ya'll have a wonderful time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Game Has Changed 001

Sleep, Value, Chivalry and where it went.. 
During general conversation, the topic of sleep always comes up. More the loss or lack of sleep. Or some sort of abnormality to ones sleeping pattern. There's a term used "Don't Sleep". I guess referring to how hard someone is working. Always working and never sleeping. I guess "Time is Money" comes next? ha. Anyway, I think if we're losing sleep or having a lack of sleep, there must be something in our lives that we need to spend less time on. Also, if we think that losing sleep because of working hard is a signature of how hard we are working, it's not. If we have to work 24/7 and lose sleep because of it, then we're not working hard enough. They say sleep is the cousin of death.. well, if you're working hard to achieve your dreams... you can't be afraid to die for them. Sleep is where dreams are made. - God is Love

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rules of Attraction

To catch a woman at her highest point is the biggest thing for me.. seeing a woman do what she love to do or bein' in a place within herself where she's completely happy and still. Whether it's drawing on a scrap piece of paper or reading a book or whatever have you.. Just a woman in her mode, that, that right there lights my eyes up, seein' a woman, happy. 
I think that should go for all of us, men and women. Do your thing.. do you, be joyful in yourself. Don't go lookin' for love, love will find you, in the thing, that you love, most. You. - God is Love