Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Realest People I Ever Wrote... "Fly or Ride"

I guess I met him when I considered myself a "dancer". I guess we were friends cause I was the only one out of the company that had a car. I guess the reason why we became great friends is because of the car rides. 
It was a summer evening when I got a text message about a party. Asking if I was going. Do you ever get asked those questions where the person asking already knows the answer? That's the type of questions he used to ask me all the time. He knew I could never give the answer he wasn't looking for. Because he knew I'd be down for anything. And I wanted to be that ride or die friend. On the car ride there we talked about what to expect from the party, like, who was going to be there, what girls were going, (even though we both had girlfriends at the time), what guys were going(cause you know how boy drama is), and all the other drama that was going on around us. All topics ending with a "But whatever, ?uck that, let's just chill". 
Whenever we get to a public gathering there's always some business to be dealt with, whether it be about a girl or picking up some party paraphernalia. In my car he'd always be getting text messages, and I assume it's from someone at the party already waiting to talk to him when he gets there. And surely enough it was. He skips a couple greetings and slips into a one on one session with a friend talking quietly, or laughing hysterically. I say my wassups and what not and kickback and look for food as usual. The thing anyone will notice about him is that he never calls for attention. Attention always gravitates towards him. There's always someone vying for his attention. As if the Dalai Lama just walked into a buddhist temple. All these people are his life, his family, and he knew that. And just like me, they would always give him the answers that he was looking for. But not in that bullshit way like they're sucking up to him. They genuinely really would ride, or die for this guy. And that's what I admired most about him. I wasn't like that, I'm not like that. And I think that's what he admired most about me. 
He was a leader of the people. And any help he needed, he could get because he was loyal, and so were his friends. So was I. I didn't need the people, I could care less, I was a leader unto myself. Any help I needed, I could help myself. 

Once I got into my room, I wished I had people that were down for me like that. But I also think that he wished he was free from all those people. We both wanted what each other had. Though, we had it, because we both had each other. - God is Love