Monday, August 10, 2009

Borrow My Mind..."Peices of Clay"

"We all get bits and peices of what we'd like, and with a whole 'lot of patience it'll all come together" - Donnel Barroso

I'm no great social figure or anything but I hope that 10 years from now, someone will quote something that I said, because they understood me, because they related to some small part of my life. Shout out to Belle Chung, my new favorite blogger. Thank you. 
It's not now or never. It's not now or never. It's not now or never. I feel as if people are moving too fast. Thinking that things that take 10 years, can be done overnight. Not waiting, for things, that are meant to be waited on. Sometimes we run on our own clock when we should be running on His. We pray and we plan for something that we want to happen, but when that doesn't happen the time we want it to, we think that He's left us in the dust or maybe even that we need to take our own intiative to make it happen. No, totally not the answer. With alot, or a little bit of patience whatever we want will happen when it's needed. Time is always going to move at it's one pace so move with the time and if you're plans are an hour late, just wait. Just chill. - God is love