Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The best part of waking up is

Butterflies rest easy
& write my mind.
Sam. Tony. Alex. Renee. 

"When I wake up I immediately turn on my computer. I leave my alarm clock ringing, my bed undone, clothes on the floor. I'm basically blind 'cause I don't even realize I can open my eyes and when I do they only open halfway. I'm doing the "Pee-pee" dance in my boxers waiting for my homescreen to load. It's hella cold and I take a sip of a tea cup from last night, might put on Wu-tang or Hot Chip on the vinyl spinner. I sit down and go down my bookmarks bar and wipe the clouds out my eyes and swipe my bangs to the side and start reading. It feels like one of those after effects where everything around you is moving fast but you're the only shit moving slow as hell. The 808's kick in, then the claps. boom, clap, boom, boom-boom, clap. In the middle of it all, once I get to Ella's blog I'm like swaying back and forth and shit in my seat, boppin' my head and shit. Sometimes I wave my hand and whatnot, haha, and I'm not even on beat, I'm like, listening to The Beatles but I'm swag swayin' in my seat cause for real, these blogs, these words, these people give me rhythm. I get to the last one, Camille's, it's just like a white noise and my heart gets brought down to it's regular heart beat and my mom walks in and's like 'Do you not hear your alarm clock?!', haha." - Donnel Barroso(thats me!) talkin' blogs with artst.

I don't need all that blog hoopla, sneakers and videos and all-uh 'dat. These people are real, these poeple interest me, the only people that interest me are the mad ones. ha, The ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to write, desirous of everything at the same time. The ones that never yawn or say common place things and complain about things and burn and burn and burn and burn like a candle until they're burnt out and have forgotten about everything. Dust a shoulder off and go to the store and buy a new candle. - God is Love

Thank you. 


dre dre said...

very sweet donnel :) a lot of those blogs (and yours) are my favourites too!

camille said...

wow!! why thank you. honestly made me smile... never knew people actually took interest in my blog... haha!

Ryan said...

jack kerouac?

?onnel said...

The last paragraph there Ryan? yeah, It's a mix of me, and him. ha.

Belle said...

I love you! I think you know how I feel about your blog. I'm a little verbose about it.

Mouf.Peace said...

aw thanks love. i could totally envision the waking up cold tea pee pee dance scenario very vividly lol.

Jon said...

Thanks Donnel! I'm not gonna lie, I do the same thing! Minus reading in the's usually at night like around now